3 Ways to Help Support Weight Goals

3 Activities to Help Support Weight Goals

You’ve sweat, pushed, and persevered. Now you’ve got great results to show for it. Congratulations! So now what? Unfortunately, most people who lose weight will regain those pounds (or more)  within the following years. You don’t have to be a victim of the trend. It is possible to scale back a little intensity without sacrificing your accomplishments. It’s important to keep your diet in check and keep an effective amount of activity in your daily routine.

Walking is a great low-impact activity that just about anyone can do. You can choose to set aside 30-45 minutes for a daily walk, or you can find sneaky ways to fit in more steps. By now, you’ve probably heard all the classics: take the stairs instead of the elevator; park in a spot at the end of the parking lot; set a timer and get up to take a lap around the office; etc. There is no shortage of creative ways to add steps to your day.

Flex those muscles
Like most folks, when you try to lose weight you focus on cardio-based workouts.  And that makes sense when you’re trying to create a significant caloric deficit necessary to shed extra pounds. However, once you’ve reached your goal weight (or even before), it’s suggested to introduce strength training into at least 2 of your weekly workouts. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so if you’re looking to scale back your activity but maintain your goals, adding strength training may help.

Try something new
You’ve put in the hard work to get where you wanted to go. You got yourself to the gym even when you didn’t want to, persisted through grueling workouts, and kept going even when you wanted to quit. Once you’ve reached the goal you’ve been working toward, you may have trouble continuing to find the motivation to stay active. If you’re dreading the thought of ever doing another burpee or lacing up your running shoes, now is probably a good time to switch up your activity. You’ve earned your results, and you’ve certainly earned the right to choose a form of exercise you enjoy (not that you needed to earn that).

Of course, sticking to a healthy diet is an important factor. Check out some of our healthy and delicious recipes right here on our blog: puremarknaturals.com/wellness-blog/#recipes. What you put in your body largely influences what you see on the scale. A bad diet can derail your fitness results faster than you can say “mocha Frappuccino blended coffee.” A good diet coupled with regular activity can help you enjoy your newly won fitness achievements for many more years.

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